Learning from the Old Masters

Today was my second day at the Metropolitan Museum of New York painting the portrait of An Egyptian Women with Earrings from John Singer Sargent. I have enrolled in this art workshop offered by the MET with the Art Students League of New York. This workshop is supervised by master artist and professor Gervits. During the three hours we paint, progessor Gervits walks from one student location to the other through the MET, giving us recommendations and directions.

When I took a first drawing  class at the MET, I was extremely self-conscious. There were too many people trying to look over my shoulder,  I wasn’t very confident in my skills either.

This time,  I was hoping it would be easier. And it did. The fact that the masterpiece I had selected was in a storage section open to visitors and not in a very popular gallery,  allowed me to have a more quiet time.

I probably saw 30 to 40 people passing by my easel, not hundreds as it could be in other parts of the MET.

As I was progressing in my painting,  I started getting a lot of compliments. Practically 90% of people passing by my easel said something kind. It felt very encouraging. As if the universe was telling me,  go ahead,  continue,  you are doing well.

Last week, the first compliment I got made me smile, as this older man said “we can tell you are a professional!”

Then another man asked me how much I would charge for painting his portrait. I couldn’t say,  mainly because the MET doesn’t allow us to talk prices. Although when thinking about it, it was probably because I wasn’t expecting the question.

Today, a young man complimented my work and told me he wanted to buy it. Still I  could only see the flaws in my painting.

Professor Gervit said that he was very pleased with my work.  It was the best compliment I could get!

At the end of the day, professor Gervits and I noticed that my painting was showing a much happier Egyptian Woman. She reflected the joy and happiness I have experienced.

It was a proof for me that the joy we experience within shows outside!



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  1. Pat Riwbottom says:

    How wonderful! You’re doing magnificently. I’m so happy for you.

    1. Josette says:

      Thank you! This is a wonderful experience.

  2. Hi Josette.
    I’m a little late in reading this. Your art is so beautiful. I agree that your Egyptian Woman is happier. What a great feeling to know that you can create happiness in not only your art, but also for those viewing your art.
    Everyone else can see you are a professional and a great artist. I’m so glad you are now seeing that too!
    Keep up the beautiful work. It reflects your soul, which is so beautiful too!

    1. Josette says:

      Thank you Cheryl for your support and your kind words.

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