Creative Realism

What is Creative Realism? Professor Edward Spaulding DeVoe explains it as, “I have invented the term Creative Realism as a way to best explain how artists reveal themselves in their works. No matter the style or era, the hand and voice of the artist bears witness for all time.”

Isn’t this description a wonder to step in? I just did. With the help of Professor DeVoe, his talent, kindness and patience, I have learned what is Creative Realism for me. Or at least, I am in the process of discovering it. The painting on this page is my first one under his guidance.

When I arrived in the class with my paint, brushes and a canvas, it was not clear to me what I was supposed to do. My goal was that one day I could paint a group of people. Professor DeVoe replied, “Then, if you want to paint a group of people, why not start now!” Why not?

So, I did. But there was more. As I was starting painting a sky, I noticed that when looking from far, I could see mountains. They became Swiss mountains that I have seen during my childhood growing up there. I do not believe they exist other than in my mind’s eye, although they seem so real.

The rest of the painting came into life little by little. The most important actor, was the child with the dog and red ball. Professor DeVoe described the dog and ball as having an important signification. The dog is a symbol of unconditional loving, he explains. As for the red ball, Professor DeVoe did not describe it. I felt that it was for me to discover it.

I have thought of this red ball and what it could mean to me. It reminded me of a childhood photography. While Mom and Dad were holding my sister and taking care of her, I was left alone playing with a red ball. I often thought that photograph was strange. Why weren’t they taking care of me too? Maybe they knew I was fine.

This red ball was important in this painting. It had to be in it. As a description, I wrote:

Words, words.
The child hears,
listens to the sound
We forgot.

There is a sound that children may hear more easily than us adult. I believe the red ball is the sound that I have placed with the child, as a reminder for me to listen.


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  1. Laure C. says:

    Je trouve cette peinture très profonde. Il y a une sorte de calme qui règne dans cette vallée. Les montagnes donnent l’impression de sécuriser les alentours. Comme une mère qui enlacerait ses enfants. Je trouve les personnages énigmatiques. Ils ont un visage flous mais on peut déceler leurs expressions tout de même. Le calme est accentué par le chien et cette petite personne en jaune.
    Bravo <3

    1. Josette says:

      Marci beaucoup pour ton gentil message. Ton impression des montagnes est fantastique. Merci:)

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