Homage to Ben

On January 3rd, 2000, I adopted Ben from the Northeast Animal Shelter. He was a little ball of black fur, only 9 weeks old. He was in a little cage with his brother, who was already spoken for, and seemed much more outgoing. Ben was in the back of the cage quiet and frightened. I asked him if he wanted to come see me. He did. I moved him close to me and placed him in the fold of my arm, next to my heart. He fell asleep. That’s how our love story started.

Ben adored me. I adored him. He was the child I never had. We were inseparable. I took him everywhere expect oversee, although I would have, if he hadn’t become this big 65-pound dog that couldn’t fit into a shoulder bag.

On February 18th, 2012, he passed away, at home, in his favorite spot in the kitchen. I never thought I could cry as much as I did for weeks, months. I had never cried much in my life, as if I had kept my tears for Ben.

My first attempt of this painting was not a success. I was just looking at the objects, but wasn’t thinking of Ben. The pain was still too strong.

Then, I felt this sweet feeling of the unconditional love for him. And that’s when I understood that it is in the quietness of my heart that I can bring life to a painting. I discovered that not only Ben taught me unconditional love, he has also taught me how to bring my heart in my art.

I love you Ben.

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  1. Laure C. says:

    Oh my dear josette, that’s so lovely. Je comprends ton amour et ta mélancolie pour Ben. Je ressens ses sentiments pour Léo moi aussi. Que l’amour transparaisse dans tes peintures rend ton art encore plus beau. Much love <3

    1. Josette says:

      Merci, Laure. Je sais que tu as eu la même expérience avec Léo. Il eat aussi dans mom coeur.

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