Looking for Drama

Date : February 23, 2018


It is not something I like in life, I used to say to myself, although I knew we are all a bit addicted to drama.  It adds sparks to our lives, as long as it is not too strong (or again, I think). We all like drama from the heroes in our favorite movies to the local heroes in our communities that may have saved the day. Drama keeps us interested and away from a monotonous life.

Drama is what I like the most when I paint.  The drama that lights and shadows create, the mysteriously lost edges, all making the least interesting subjects become alive.  It is a constantly changing dance. The sun shifting, the clouds coming in or going away, the color more vibrant or dull, the decaying, the blossoming. There is so much life in continuous motion even in the most still moment. Such a beautiful dance.

Recently, I have become aware of this dance that we all do. We are creating and recreating the same dance over and over with each lesson that we need to learn. Some call it karma.  I catch a snapshot of it and transform it into a painting. It is my way of seeing it, just caught in motion, so still for a moment. The subject matter is not important. It is the emotion, the inspiration, the laughter, the smile, the tear that we feel when looking at it that counts.

I now love drama for what it shows me, for the dance that I can finally more objectively see and paint.


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Looking for Drama

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