Sunny Side Up

Sunny Side Up

Date : November 18, 2017

I smile when two dear friends reacted the same way to this oil painting study: “This is so lovely to put in your kitchen!”

First, I love their support. And I love the way they see my art… very differently from me.  I see what needs improvement, the details that need adjustment, the fact that a painting seems never finished. My friends see that it is lovely. How lovely!

From an artist eye, I did not even think of framing it and even less about where it would live. It is a study, after all.

I thought about finding a good composition, and focusing on the 5 planes of light. The five planes of light being: shadow, reflected light, mid-tone, lights and highlights. Thanks to this study, they got very clear to me.

But most of all, it is about the love of painting, being so involved that life, time, everything else seem to have disappeared.

Life is a beautiful palette of light and colors. We create what we think, we create what we see. How lovely!




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